Yoga is for EVERYONE ... it is not about perfection it is about self-love and compassion and inner peace and this is available to all of us. You can improve your physical and mental health while you relax, stretch and meditate in regular classes.

Weekly classes on Thursdays
Come to this friendly class and gain flexibility and strength, lose your stress and tension and discover your inner peace. Each class includes breathing practice, stretching, Asanas (postures), movement, relaxation or meditation and occasionally chanting.

You can come as a beginner or with years of experience as everyone works at their own level in Yoga. So there's no need to be very fit or flexible - that will come as you attend the class!
Beginners and men are always welcome!

This is what Chris said: "Thank you for today, I think I could have floated home."
Eileen says that "this class is the highlight of my week"

What do you need to bring?
Please wear stretchy clothes and bring a cushion and a blanket or throw. - I have a spare mat you can borrow.
You may need extra warm clothes as I keep the windows open to keep us Covid safe.

Contact me for details or just for an informal chat about Yoga and how it might benefit you and any concerns you may have about joining the class.

The class runs in term times and a little more and you do need to book your place if you are new to the class.

Contact Gentle and effective Hatha Yoga Class from 10.30 to 12.00 on Thursday mornings.